Theme Switching

Theme Switching

Theme Switching

  • Get a refreshed, good-looking store
  • Integration of elements
  • Adding categories and menus
  • Change the whole appearance of your store

Price: $150


There can be many reasons for Theme Switching.If you’ve been using the same theme for a year or more, you might be thinking about buying a new one. Maybe your current theme doesn’t support all the latest features. Perhaps you want more control over design and functionality. Or maybe your business has evolved and your current theme no longer reflects your brand. 

What are the benefits of the Theme Switching service?

  • You get a refreshed, good-looking store
  • You don’t waste your time and effort
  • You don’t need any specific skills or knowledge – we take care of everything

Why choose us?

  • Our experts will be happy to help you switch from one theme to another, create new design elements, and customize your store!
  • We complete the entire setup and customization procedure – no hassle for you.

What we offer:

To get started, please select a theme and upload it to your Shopify. We offer the following in this package:

  • Professional design 
  • Theme customization
  • Adding categories and menus
  • Integration of basic elements and widgets (if there were any in the previous version)
  • If you want to change a logo or the whole appearance of your store, we can do it within this service as well.


Most frequent questions and answers

All the services are fulfilled by our team of professionals – experienced marketers, designers, and dropshipping experts. They are always full of creativity and fresh ideas, so get ready for high-quality services and a pleasant cooperation.

We do services for all kinds of dropshipping stores, so you’re very welcome to order ads, emails or a store review to grow your business!

Well, our experts start working on it! When it’s done, you get the link to all the ordered materials and detailed instructions on how to use them.

The delivery time may vary depending on the service and package you choose but we always try to do our best and make everything as quick as possible. See an exact delivery time on the service page.

We make effective ads, emails and store reviews that significantly increase the chance for sales. But sales may also depend on your products and website condition, prices, your ad optimization strategies, implementation of our recommendations and other factors.
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