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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Store Assessment​?

A store review involves one of our conversion experts taking a look at your store and identifying factors that could improve conversion rate. Many store-owners take feedback from inexperienced friends & family who don't really understand what makes a purchase happen. Our team endeavors to help you understand exactly what can be implemented so that you get sales.

How Will I Receive My Review?

We will mail your review at the email address you have used to sign up in eComChef.Please ensure you are subscribed at the time of review request and when you receive it, otherwise no review will be sent.

What kind of feedback will I get?

Unlike a traditional review, there is no score. We will give you the exact advice you need to boost your sales, and even help you get sales in the first place.

Can I get help with my advertising?

Yes, but this will be done through our live chat and not the store review. We can only give you information concerning your store here.

How Long Does It Take?

Since this is a manual service, and our team does thousands of reviews, it can take up to 5 working days for us to complete it.

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